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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

At Meteor we are always seeking ways to improve support for our customers.  If there is an issue that you have experienced with the way we have processed your order, we would like to hear about it right away.  Giving us the opportunity to address any issues allows us to resolve your issue and prevent it from happening again.

Please feel free to contact us with any issues, queries or suggestions you may have about us.  We aim to respond within 1 business day. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Privacy & Safety

We will never share your information in any shape or form to any other third party.  We do not store or hold your information after you have completed a transaction of purchase with us.

The only time we will hold your information, is if you decide to subscribe to our newsletters for latest product or sales events information.  You may unsubscribe at any time, and your information will no longer exist in our databases.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Require More Help? Visit Our Help Centre

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